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A super simple Slack app that keeps your team motivated & crazy productive by broadcasting small wins. Add to Slack Installation takes just 1 minute!

How does it work?


Step 1

Type /done followed by any tasks you've completed from any Slack channel or direct message.


how it works


Step 2

These dones will be published to a dedicated channel that you choose. We call our Done channel #Flywheel based on the Flywheel Effect in Jim Collins's Good to Great.


How much does it cost?

/done is Freunded; free until you get funding. We know the pain of shelling out for software, because we're bootstrapping our startup, too.

Who built this?

We built this productivity hack to motivate our team by broadcasting wins--big and small--as they happen, but we soon discovered that knowing what everyone accomplished made everyone more accountable and the team more productive overall. We were using another done progress email service but their emails clogged our inbox—and isn't that's the reason we started using Slack?


All we're storing are team and user ids and the appropriate oAuth tokens. This allows you to post your dones on slack on the appropriate channel. Our applications is hosted on https://aws.amazon.com/privacy. We use a secure connection between slack servers and aws. We anonymously keep track of three data points; total # of teams, total # unique users, and total # of dones. Any question about privacy tweet @slash_done or email support@heyride.com.

Have a quick question?

Get an instant reply on Twitter or email us at support@heyride.com.

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